Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last Summer Flings

Hana capped off her busy summer with our traditional trip to the State Fair. She had the chance to pet a few animals and check out the crowds. She had a taste of her first fair food... the chocolate from a fudge puppy (belgian waffle on a stick covered in Chocolate). She seemed to enjoy herself, but pooped out before too long.

The fair is always a big deal for us, since it was Mieko's first outing after her open heart surgery in 2004. It was a real victory for her to make it there after spending much of the summer in the hospital. She never missed the fair during her four years and we have many happy memories there with her.
Hana and I went on two last road trips as well. We spent a day in Rochester visiting our friend Kathy and her adorable kids. We also had the chance to spend some time with our friend Bianca, who also had a little girl with Trisomy 18. We met through the Support Organization for Trisomy 13, 18, and Related Disorders. Both our families hope to make it to the SOFT conference in South Dakota next summer.

Lastly, we traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to visit my college friend Gisele and her family. My friend and co-worker Carly came with us to explore the city. We really enjoyed Omaha, especially the pedestrian bridge and Old Market.

You can see, we left Hana in Iowa, but only for a little while. Omaha's Old Market is in downtown. We liked the shops and restaurants, but it all seemed very empty. Maybe because it was a weekday. We also checked out the Lauritzen Gardens. It was definitely worth the visit. There were traditional rose and Victorian gardens as well as a model railroad garden with replicas of historic buildings from Omaha and around the world. We also enjoyed a huge field of wildflowers. Too bad Hana slept through it all.

We were happy to spend a little time with Gisele and her family. Hopefully, we'll be back again soon for a longer visit. Or maybe they can check our our land o' lakes up here.

School is off to a good start for Shawn at Osseo Senior high. So far, he's not coaching advising any groups but he will have very full classrooms of Juniors.

Hana will be going back to ECFE soon and we'll also be volunteering during another class. Hana loves other kids and she'll be able to get extra interaction with them. We also signed up for a music exploration class at MacPhail. So far, it's great. No pics yet, I'll take them next time. I am a bit concerned, though, that she's decided to tackle other kids.

Last, but not least, Hana is getting very close to walking. For about the past week, she's gotten very comfortable standing up by herself for longer periods of time (see video below). If she could just stay in one position longer than a few seconds, I think she would walk. She's one busy body.